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 BioMedLib's journal: "Who is Publishing in My Domain?" (WIPIMD) 
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The journal is a free updating service, which keeps you updated in your domain of clinical practice and scientific work.

Click on the following image to see a sample journal in PDF. You will be able to fully customize the subject of the journal, as well as other features, in the sign-up registration form.

Variety of essential information - The BioMedLib "Who is Publishing in My Domain?" journal (WIPIMD journal) integrates many types of information, such as
  • the most relevant and recent publications in your scientific domain,
  • citations to your publications,

Customization - You can fully customize the WIPIMD journal to your exact needs, like
  • the subject of the journal, which you can precisely customize to match your exact scientific domain, using one or a few publications and/or one or a few keywords,
  • the time interval of each list (e.g., last 3 months or last 10 years),
  • number of items per list (e.g., top 30 or top 200), and other features.

Your opinion - Didn't find the type of list or information you would like to receive? Please tell us about it, or about any other suggestion or opinion you might have, and we will start working on it.

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