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 The frequency and duraion of the WIPIMD journal issues sent to you 

Usually BioMedLib sends you one journal per week, by email.

You can instruct BioMedLib on how often to send you the WIPIMD journal. For example, you can choose to receive one journal every 2 months. Therefore you will receive 12 / 2 = 6 issues in the course of the next 12 months.

More frequent journal issues - If you like to receive issues more often than every week, you can enter "every 0.5 week", or "every 0.25 week".
Also, you can enter fractional values for other frequencies too, like 'every 1.5 week' or 'every 2.75 week'.

Put on hold - Enter the value 'every 999 week' and BioMedLib won't send you any journal issue any more. You can come back to the registration page and edit the frequency whenever you like to restart receiving the journal again.

Try a single issue - If you like to order only a single issue of the WIPIMD journal, and try how it works, then choose "every 55.5 week."